About Me

Mr. Rose is Rizing’s Practice & Solution Center Director, UK & Ireland. He is a customer-focused architect skilled in implementing cloud software solutions and ensuring consistent high-quality results and value to clients.

Paul Rose is a seasoned Human Capital Management (HCM) consultant who boasts a wealth of experience that spans a multitude of diverse sectors, encompassing the realms of food, electronics, retail, and healthcare. His professional background is firmly rooted in the domain of Human Resources (HR) systems, with a sharp and focused expertise honed in on some of the industry’s leading platforms, including SuccessFactors, SAP HCM, PeopleSoft, and Lawson.

One of Paul’s standout achievements in his illustrious career is his instrumental role in the seamless execution of a complex, large-scale global rollout of the SAP HCM system. This endeavor extended its reach across multiple countries, making it a multifaceted challenge that demanded a keen emphasis on two critical aspects: data conversion and interface management. In this capacity, Paul demonstrated his ability to navigate intricate international requirements, ensuring the effective transition of existing HR data into the new system while facilitating the seamless interconnectivity of SAP HCM with other systems and processes.

Furthermore, Paul’s professional repertoire includes an impressive track record of involvement in no less than twelve separate implementations of Employee Central. This underscores his comprehensive understanding of SAP’s HR suite and his capacity to adeptly configure, deploy, and manage Employee Central installations, each tailored to the unique needs of different organizations.

In essence, Paul Rose’s extensive experience, coupled with his expertise in HR systems, project management, and international deployment, positions him as a highly accomplished and reliable HCM consultant with a demonstrated history of delivering excellence across a spectrum of industries and complex scenarios.